Evelyn dance with God


I  met her with a smile and remember that smile of hers and that will be the image I will have in my mind.It was less than a year ago when I shyly opened the door to go to my first milonga in Australia.  It was Evelyn the lady with whom I had the honor of dancing that evening.  I was in Marrickville District at the tennis club where I think they organize a particular milonghita every Friday and that time was a special time for me now that today I think about that particularly fascinating person who had welcomed me in with such elegance and simplicity. It was a first  very delicate tanda and I remember that we introduced ourselves only at the end of those last musical notes.  She was pleasantly surprised to hear that I was Italian and even more so when she discovered that I came from Verona.  “Romeo and Juliet” she said and added that she knew a very dear, excellent dancer that lived there called Nicoletta “do you know her?” she said.  Perhaps for this reason we liked each other right away.  Later she paid me compliments for the way I danced and she liked me to lead her onto the floor.  We all know that often a few lies make us feel  good and increase our self-confidence, because I am certainly no great dancer but the commitment and respect for the person I dance with are  to the utmost.

My time in Australia came to an end and I went back to Brazil.  We kept in contact and every now and again we communicated via  facebook.
She wrote that she was looking forward to my coming back to dance together.  She kept me up to date with the people I had met there and we spoke about the passion for tango that strongly and sincerely linked us.
Then I told her at the beginning of December that I would have been back in Australia with my team for training and to take part in some competitions not later than February and  that I would have obviously wanted to have the honour of doing the first tanda with her.  She wasn’t long in answering me and I was put in front of the crude reality with the same elegance and simplicity that she had used to welcome me that evening in Marrackville.  The words that a person feels in that moment are always very difficult to express.  I tried to tell her that God has the power to do everything and anything, even change the destiny that perhaps has already been written.  She said goodbye to us yesterday, but my surprise at how this lady so kind, was able to face her illness so serenely and how she had accepted that destiny that us men, had hoped, would have given our Creator  pity and granted us another endless tanda.  I followed the evolution of the illness through the news that first she and then her children posted on the social network.  I got the impression that this last period of her life was very serene and shared.  I, and I believe many others, had prayed for her, had hoped that this story could have been forgotten by embracing her again, but unfortunately that was not to be.  

What is sure is that now she can dance with God and we can take her with us with a walz and a tango.  

Thank you Evelyn and rest in peace.

Occhio all'onda!

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